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Shanghai LifenGas Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in the production of gas separation and purification equipment with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection. Our product portfolio includes:
- Argon recovery units with high recovery rates
- Energy-efficient cryogenic air separation units
- Energy-saving PSA & VPSA nitrogen and oxygen generators
- Energy-efficient membrane separation units
- Helium recovery units
- Carbon dioxide recovery units
- Volatile organic compound (VOC) treatment units
- Waste acid recovery units
- Wastewater treatment units
These products have extensive applications across various industries such as the photovoltaic, steel, chemical, powder metallurgy, semiconductor, and automotive sectors.

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    Founded in 2015
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    Patents Approved(by the end of 2021)
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  • Argon Recovery System

    Argon Recovery System

    1.Argon Recovery System(ARS) focuses on the field of argon separation and recovery, covering industries such as photovoltaic crystal growing, iron and steel metallurgy and semiconductor, new-energy industries, etc. So far, it has been applied to more than 30 projects, and the argon gas processing capacity could be from 1300Nm3/h to 12000Nm3/h. 2.The exhausted argon gas is processed by dust-removal, compressed, carbon-removal and oxygen-removal, and then high-purity argon is obtained by Cryog...

  • Krypton Xenon Purification Device

    Krypton Xenon Purifica...

    Rare gases such as krypton and xenon have high value in many applications, but their composition in the air is very low and generally difficult to produce directly. The krypton xenon purification equipment developed by our company is based on a large air separation unit and also uses the principle of cryogenic rectification to transport the raw material LOX containing a very small amount of krypton xenon to the fractionation column for adsorption and rectification through the cryogenic LOX p...

  • Waste Acid Recovery Device

    Waste Acid Recovery De...

    Waste acid (mainly hydrofluoric acid) recovery device makes use of the different volatility between spent acid components, perform double-column vacuum continuous distillation to achieve high recovery rate. The waste acid recovery device can not only process a large amount of waste acid produced by the customer’s upstream, but also separate and recycle it, reducing the customer’s production cost. It can also properly treat the remaining wastewater and solid residues, and the water...

  • Ambient Oxygen Generator

    Ambient Oxygen Generator

    There are VPSA and PSA models, similar principle. Here will mainly introduce VPSA oxygen generator. It is a kind of mechanical equipment that can enrich oxygen in the atmosphere, and its working principle is to use a blower to transport the raw material air after dust removal and filtration into the absorber, and then the special molecular sieve in the absorber begins to adsorb the nitrogen component, and the oxygen component is enriched and discharged as a product. After a period of time, i...


Service First

Company History


  • - In May, the first contract of Shanghai LifenGas was signed - Jinan Iron and Steel Air Separation Energy Saving Project.
    - In December, the company was registered and established.
    - Development of Rare Gas Extraction Technology.

  • - In May, the first set of global/national photovoltaic crystal growing 1800 Nm3/h argon exhaust gas recovery project contracts, the first generation of argon recovery technology, was signed;
    - Development of fiber-optic helium exhaust gas recovery technology and patented technology for recycling waste acid (hydrofluoric acid/hydrochloric acid/nitric acid) in photovoltaic cell plants.

  • - In May, LONGi signed a contract with Shanghai LifenGas for three sets of argon exhaust gas recovery devices—the first generation of argon gas recovery technology.
    - In July, Shanxi LifenGas branch was opened in Xi’an.

  • - In July, the second generation of the argon recovery system was successfully developed and the contract was signed. and was put into running the following year.

  • - The third-generation argon recovery project was successfully delivered at the end of the year.
    - In May, Huzhou Anji Factory started production and manufacturing.
    - In August, Baotou Branch was founded.

  • - In March, Guangdong LifenGas and Energy Co., Ltd. was founded.
    - In July, the fourth-generation argon recovery technology was applied;
    - In July 8, Jiangsu LifenGas held a big groundbreaking ceremony.
    - In August, JA Solar's hydrofluoric acid recovery pilot project was launched.

  • - In November, Shanghai LifenGas set up Hangzhou Branch office.
    - In December,Ruyuan LifenGas Co,, Ltd was set up.

  • - In January, LifenGas Yantai Branch office was established.
    - 0n November 30th C'NG TY TNHH CÃNG NGHê N¤NG LONG YINGFEI VIêT NAM was founded

  • - 0n January 2cd, LIFENGAS (US) COMPANY LTD. was established.

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