Argon Recovery System

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The Highly Efficiency Argon Recovery System is a set of exhaust argon reclamation equipment developed independently and with independent intellectual property rights by Shanghai LifenGas Co., Ltd. It includes carbon capture equipment, oxygen removal equipment, cryogenic distillation/separation nitrogen removal equipment, and auxiliary air separation equipment. This is an argon gas recovery system with low energy consumption and high extraction rates.

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1.Argon Recovery System(ARS) focuses on the field of argon separation and recovery, covering industries such as photovoltaic crystal growing, iron and steel metallurgy and semiconductor, new-energy industries, etc. So far, it has been applied to more than 30 projects, and the argon gas processing capacity could be from 1300Nm3/h to 12000Nm3/h.

2.The exhausted argon gas is processed by dust-removal, compressed, carbon-removal and oxygen-removal, and then high-purity argon is obtained by Cryogenic rectification. the argon extraction rate exceeds 95% while ensuring the purity of the product. A 10GW crystal growing plant uses about 250 tons of argon per day(TPD). More than 85% can be recycled. It can save about 250 million yuan a year

Technical Advantages

1. The Argon Recovery System (ARS) was independently developed by our company and optimized to the best of our ability based on years of market practice.

2. High extraction rate and cost savings: The Argon Recovery System (ARS) can recover 95% of pure argon gas from waste argon. The cost of recovered argon is one-tenth of the cost of purchased argon.

3. Optional automatic variable load MPC control technology: This technology can change the working conditions according to different requirements and coordinate other control systems to adjust the production load. With this technology, manual load variation errors can be eliminated, the risk of shutdown can be reduced, energy consumption can be greatly reduced, and production benefits can be maximized.

Other Advantages (1)

Other Advantages


First of all, our company has been established for 7 years, and there is no lack of experienced professional staff or technical backbone that understands gas separation and purification technologies. Such a technical team has completed more than 30 argon recovery projects, from an initial recovery rate of 80% to more than 95% now, which is the result of technological progress, so there is no doubt about the technical strength of this team to achieve customer project goals.

Second, the argon recovery system includes cryogenic rectification, and the cryogenic separation of rectification means that more by-products can be obtained than with physical adsorption separation, providing customers with high-quality oxygen and nitrogen products and improving economic benefits.


Thirdly, the integrated automatic variable load MPC (Model Predictive Control) technology independently developed by our company is also in line with the internationally famous air separation enterprises, which greatly reduces the risk of shutdown and ensures the long-term operation of the argon recovery system under the highest yield.

Finally, our company integrates R&D, production and technical services, which saves a lot of time and is of great benefit to the completion progress of the project. Our company has a good contract and service spirit, which ensures the product's long-term after-sales validity, preferential and reliable spare parts, responsible and efficient technical service, and personnel training.

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